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A Diamond mine in South Africa

Welcome to SDDMF, Inc.


Welcome to SDDMF, Inc’s website.  This site is designed to give you  insight into what we do here at SDDMF.  It is also designed to give you an overview of the diamond industry as a whole, from the mining of rough diamonds all the way through to the wholesaling of certified, polished gemstones.  Lastly, this site will point out the various opportunities that SDDMF has available at any given time for you to participate in and profit from in the diamond industry. 

SDDMF urges you to do your own research and “due diligence” before entering into any business ventures regarding diamonds or the diamond industry.  Do not solely rely on our information, the vast majority of which  is publicly available.  You should verify all facts independently.  We have done our best to simply centralize this information for your convenience.



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Diamond miners in South Africa